Nasser Khammas

Nasser Khammas

Nasser Khammas is one of the distinguished first generation entrepreneurs in the UAE, who has, through vision and dedication, carved a niche in the regional business arena and sculpted a global reputation for himself and his group of companies.

His business acumen, over 40 years, has innovated and steered all the individual companies under the wholly family owned AAHG banner to unprecedented levels of success with annual sales in excess of US$1.2 billion.

Khammas is known for his entrepreneurial spirit and inspires innovation and best practices throughout the group, particularly in applying the latest technologies and know-how to each division to meet the needs of customers and to forge new markets. His companies, from very diversified sectors, all have a reputation for quality, reliability and excellence in customer service.

To give some examples of Khammas’ business accomplishments, he spearheaded the growth of the largest cement factory in the region from a 700K tonne capacity to 2.2 million tonnes. He steered his own Al Ahli Plastic Industries division to achieve the largest output of plastic cling wrap in the whole Middle East region.

Outside the group, in his professional capacity, Khammas is a board member of the Fujairah National Bank and Chairman of the UAE Cement Industry Association, an organisation that has a combined revenue of US$1.8 billion per annum.

Khammas’ success is not just measured by his business achievements; he and his companies are deeply rooted in the UAE community. He is the co-founder of the Fujairah Welfare Association and AAHG supports charitable and community initiatives, and particularly in the areas of humanitarian aid and disadvantaged children.close