Mohammed Khammas

Mohammed Khammas

Mohammed Khammas is the current CEO of Al Ahli Holding Group and as a visionary leader he has been directing the company to strategic growth with game-changing business ventures on the international platform.

Khammas, after completing his University education in the United States in 1998 joined the Al Ahli Group to strengthen and develop his family business founded by his father, Nasser Khammas, one of the leading pioneers within UAE’s manufacturing and construction industry.

Khammas gave a major direction and influenced the growth of Al Ahli Holding Group of companies. Today, he is managing a multi-billion dollar conglomerate in over 20 countries with 27 subsidiaries, with a diverse portfolio of businesses ranging from turnkey construction, engineering products and factories, cement, mining, printing, manufacturing, fuel trading, logistics, real estate, shopping malls, entertainment, and retail businesses.

Throughout his career, Mohammed has been implementing many novel ideas and game-changing concepts, influencing the entire business sector of the group. He has continually nurtured his relationships within regional and international leaders and dignitaries to build long-term relationships in providing a healthy platform of consistent and rapid growth and developing high profile projects contributing to the local economy in different regions.

Khammas is the first Arab to develop and sell a multi-million dollar game development company to Disney. He has also established strong long-term strategic alliances with the biggest names in the global entertainment industry such as Fox Studios, Marvel, Disney, Universal Studios etc.
Khammas’s role is to provide “hands on” leadership to develop new strategies and to focus on growing and enhancing existing businesses with a diverse group of companies, in addition to building new developments and business opportunities such as the Dubai Outlet City project.
Khammas is leading a talented management team to achieve AAHG’s medium and long term strategic plans and strongly improve the group’s business growth overall. As a business, the team is wedded to the philosophy of continuous improvement and is determined to beat their previous best performance. This will be achieved by continuing to invest in people, in the company infrastructure and truly unlocking the service innovation.

Khammas has also championed the efforts of nurturing entrepreneurial skills and providing platforms for young talents from diversified fields across different regions to showcase their skills and turn into commercially viable business ventures.

Khammas, along with other prominent business people was one of the founding members of the Young Arab Leaders UAE Chapter Organization (YAL), which became a new platform for a new wave of Arab thinking on regional and global economics and the Arts in 2004 under the patronage of His Highness H. H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

The YAL, representing more than 30 Arab countries around the world, puts politics aside and focuses on establishing more benefits in humanitarian efforts. Mohammed assisted the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) to improve politic initiatives in the Arab world. As a primary outcome of the CGI, many more cross-cultural initiatives have evolved and the groundwork for the first steps have been solidly laid.

Mohammed, along with the Daman capital, initiated the first venture capital fund of AED one billion ($ 273 224 043) to assist startups in the Arab world called the Alf Yad.
Khammas also led the way in developing “The Global Business Opportunities & Entrepreneurial Skills for South American and Middle Eastern Youth” program in Argentina in 2008.

Khammas has been an inspiration for young Arab entrepreneurs with his innovative and game-changing models.